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2022 | 17th Nostalgia Ski Race

The Neuastenberg Nostalgia Ski Race takes place every two years, next time with the 17th edition on 6 February 2022 on the Postwiese.

The cult event is sure to attract many hundreds of spectators to the ski village again. The 40 or so participants plunge daringly through hazelnut poles and over the self-built snow jump.

Course of events

  • 11 a.m.: Registration at the booth of Beckers Jupp
  • approx. 11.30 a.m.: Presentation of the nostalgic skiers
  • ca. 12.00 a.m.: Gate and obstacle race
  • ca. 12.30 a.m.: jump on the natural ski jump
  • approx. 13.00: mass descent to the winter sports museum
  • approx. 13.30 hrs: snack in the Schultenhof/Landfein
  • afterwards: award ceremony and end of the event
Did you know that ...
... the first ski festival already took place in 1908 and every 2 years the famous Nostalgieskirennen is held?

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