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Skiing area in summer

Winter sports and sustainability - these are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary they complement each other perfectly.

Because while numerous guests make the slopes of the Postwiese ski area unsafe in winter, the meadows are protected as best as possible and sustainably managed in summer.

Committed to nature

The mountain meadows used as ski slopes are home to numerous plants, flowers and heaths in summer. Some of them are rare and are on the Red List of endangered plants. They are therefore considered particularly worthy of protection, unique in NRW.

In summer, we rely on grazing by cows and goats in the Postwiese ski area , i.e. extensive management. This particularly gentle method means that the meadows are only mown for the first time late in the summer and are not fertilised. This allows the mountain flowers to blossom and ground nesting birds are not endangered.

Did you know that ...
... 70% of our ski area is protected?

Sustainable goals

The Postwiese ski area will also become more sustainable in the coming years. We are already using a snow depth measuring system for efficient piste maintenance in winter.

From 2022 we will be using 100% green electricity in the ski area. Also in the spirit of nature are our keycards: The ski tickets are recyclable.

As you can see: In the Postwiese ski area we are committed to nature - in winter as well as in summer.

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